Until now, the Faculty has had a number of facilities to support the Tridharma activities of higher education in the Faculty. The facilities in question include laboratory equipment, office equipment (computers, LCD screens, typewriters, printers, telephones, facsimiles, air conditioners, lamps, tables, chairs, cupboards, and shelves), lecture hall equipment (chairs, tables, boards). writing, LCD, screen, air conditioning, lamps), lecturer room equipment (tables, chairs, bookshelves, air conditioning) transportation facilities (official cars and motorbikes), information technology facilities (television, internet), toilet and bathroom equipment.



The Undiksha Singaraja Library provides various types of library materials (books) to support the learning process.


Laboratories related to research activities and learning practices by the Informatics Engineering Education S1 Study Program use facilities and infrastructure already owned by the Undiksha Institute in Singaraja as well as facilities and infrastructure from agencies that have collaborated. The names of the laboratories used by the Study Program and managed by the Faculty of Engineering and Vocational (FTK) are:

  1. Laboratory of Informatics (LIF)
  2. Laboratory of Advanced Informatics (LAIF)
  3. Laboratory of Network Intelligence (LANI)
  4. Laboratory of Hypermedia and Software Engineering (LHSE)

The Study Program uses 4 laboratories. Two are used as Learning laboratories (LIF and LAIF), the other two are used as Research Labs by Research Groups formed at FTK (LANI and LHSE).

Undiksha Campus The condition of the campus is spacious and comfortable, enough to support students’ passion for learning. The cost of living in the city of Singaraja which is relatively very cheap is also one of the attractions of Singaraja City as an Education City.